April 26, 2016

Family Communication Portal

Change the way that you communicate with families in an easy, order up-to-date manner.  Below are three features to help you think about how the nature of communication changes when you share the responsibility and accountability with your families.  This not only fills in what is actually happening in your classroom, but has the potential to generate more assistance from parents, generate interest within students, and move your classroom from the physical to the digital.



  • Adding calendar events allows you to post upcoming events for students.
  • Adding calendar events increases accountability for students by giving them a 24-hour-accessible place to check for assignments.
  • Keep parents in the know about what is happening in your classroom.



  • Involve families by providing supporting and supplementing materials.
  • Ensure that all necessary parts of a large-scale assignment are accounted for by providing lists ahead of time.
  • Post articles that allow students to find something of interest outside of class.
  • Keep the learning alive outside of the classroom!



  • Store student work in a 24-hour-accessible location.
  • Show off the latest projects from your unit/
  • Post images to provide insight about what is happening daily in your classroom in-between conferences.
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